Learning Journeys

The learning is presented through half termly themes which are created to form Learning Journeys for the children.

The themes of the Journeys have been selected to:

v  Meet the needs of the children

v  Cover the legal requirements of the National Curriculum

v  Inspire and excite the children to promote independent learning

We believe that this gives us opportunities for flexibility and more individualised learning programmes.

Through this design for learning, we aim to teach the children how to grow into positive, responsible and successful adults whilst developing knowledge and skills in order that they may achieve their full potential.

Learning Journeys 2016- 2017

Character Strengths Week- focusing on key Character Strengths, PSHE and Our Community

Autumn 1 50 things to do before your 11 3/4 - focusing on English, Science, Art and Geography

Autumn 2 Rocket Science - focusing on Maths, Science and technology

Spring 1 What a Disaster- focusing on Geography, History and Current Affairs

Enterprise Week: Grow a Pound

Spring 2 A Glint of Gold- English, History and Art

Summer 1 Here in Britain- Geography, Music Languages. Each week comparing to contrasting countries

Summer 2 How many colours in the rainbow- focusing on Art, Science

Bollywood Week



For more details of the curriculum that the children follow, click here.