School Clubs for the Autumn Term 2017

The following clubs will run during the autumn term. The times / dates will vary so please check the details for each individual club.


Please login to www.schoolmoney.co.uk to reserve a place for your child.

Booking will open on-line at 6pm on Wednesday 6th September and will close at 9am on Thursday 14th September. 

To book a place with The Creation Station club please visit the website www.thecreationstation.co.uk or call 07460297627. 


For fee paying clubs full payment must be made to the club provider (as listed on the club sheet) before the first session or the place will be allocated to another child. 


Please provide appropriate clothing for clubs, including warm clothing for outdoor activities. Please do not use school PE kit as we need to ensure that this remains at school for use during the school day. 

Medical issues

If your child suffers from any medical issues that the club leader needs to be aware of please provide written details. 

Contact number for text messaging – please ensure the number the office has for the first contact on your child’s record is up to date. This will be the number we use for the text messaging service. 

If a club is unable to run we will contact you as soon as possible via the text messaging service. 

Lunchtime Clubs

For lunchtime clubs, children will need to look at the PE noticeboard for information. 

Essential - Safeguarding 

If your child cannot attend a session, please let us know by 12pm – at the latest on the day in question. This is to ensure we know for registration and to keep pupils safe. 

Collection from clubs - We will only release your child to an adult we have listed for your child on our database. If you wish for your child to be collected by another adult (including other parents) please contact the school office to let us know. 

Permission to walk home - It is expected that your child will be collected from the club unless written permission to walk is provided.