The ECO Council


We started the year with an explosion of colour as children dressed up their bikes and scooters to celebrate ‘Wacky Wednesday’. The Eco Council were overwhelmed with how successful this was and felt proud of their efforts at making our school greener (or rather, multi-coloured!). Children and parents embraced the challenge and once again, exceeded our hopes and expectations.  The school grounds looked magnificent as over 100 children left the car at home and came to school with the environment in mind.

During the spring term, our thoughts have turned to recycling and landfill rubbish. Here in Exmouth, our landfill collections are now every 3 weeks. We wanted to help encourage children and parents to be mindful of this so we introduced a half term of ‘Waste Less’ Wednesday's.  Our Eco Councillors drew up posters and spoke in assembly about our need to use reusable tubs in our packed lunches and throw away less rubbish. Once again, children took on board this message and we are seeing very little waste in lunchboxes so far.

An excellent start to the year Eco Councillors! With your help, we are definitely making our world a greener, happier place to live.