From an early age, today’s children are being exposed to a wide variety of interactive media, from television to the internet, from mobiles to tablets; our children are being born into an increasingly digital world.

We believe that the role of schools at this time is to use computing to enhance the quality of teaching and learning across the whole curriculum, enabling children to access lifelong opportunities.

Our Aims:

  • develop an understanding of the use of Computing in the context of the wider world
  • develop pupils’ ability to use Computing appropriately and choose software and hardware suitable for a range of tasks
  • provide continuity and progression in all of the strands of the National Curriculum
  • develop core Computing skills through cross-curricular and extra-curricular contexts
  • encourage problem-solving and investigative skills
  • stimulate group discussion, sharing and collaboration between peers


We encourage the children to think of ways in which they can use their knowledge and enthusiasm for computers to enhance their learning experiences. They might choose to record their understanding, present what they have found out or even explore their ideas using a range of software and hardware, the choice is truly theirs.


The children are taught how to use and manage a range of computing equipment from reception right through to year 6. In Reception and Key Stage 1, the children learn how to operate computers on a basic level and use some equipment in the world around them.

In years 3 and 4 the children learn to manipulate computing hardware and software to achieve a wider variety of goals. The children will become able users, selecting how and when to apply their knowledge and skills to tasks.

In years 5 and 6, we aim to challenge the children even further. We introduce alternative operating systems and help the children to see the similarities and differences between them. We also investigate programming and scientific enquiry using data harvesters and digital microscopes.

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