Bassetts Farm Primary School

A love of learning for life

St John’s Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 4GB

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At Bassetts Farm, we want our children to value their education, to be inspired to develop their potential and look beyond their horizons to succeed in today’s changing world. We encourage our children to grow as strong characters in addition to subject knowledge and prepare children for their unique journey by encouraging them, through the curriculum and character strengths to be reflective, effective learners. 

We believe at Bassetts Farm that every child is unique and valuable and able to flourish and thrive in the community. We seek to provide the best education for all enabling every child to reach their potential. There is a high focus on developing children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding through the implementation of our character strengths. The knowledge and use of these characters strengths underpin our broad, enriching and successful curriculum that is accessible and ambitious for all. 

We encourage children to develop a sense of personal growth through their character strengths and enable them to become global citizens and socially responsible. They develop key characteristics through the promotion and celebration of our character strengths. We use our character strengths to ensure that the children have a positive sense of self identity, are able to relate and interact well with others and have skills and talents for now, for the future and to make the world an even better place. 

The character strengths are taught and promoted to ensure our children develop the life skills and knowledge that they need to develop into positive citizens and effective members of the community, who can tackle challenges positively be resilient, resourceful and work well with others. Throughout the year, all character strengths are covered during our PSHE lessons, assemblies, educational visits and themed weeks. They are constantly revisited and promoted within the children’s day to day learning.

Character Strengths