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This page will be used in the event of any school closure. This will also be used to set remote learning should your child be self isolating. Work set will be carefully sequenced and will incorporate daily English and Maths alongside other curriculum areas. The work set will support the work being carried out in the classroom. If you wish, you can adapt these lessons to suit the needs of your child and family.

We will make good use of videos and online materials to help teach Key Points.


If your child is unwell, we do not expect them to complete any remote learning.


If your child if off for part of the week, only complete the tasks for the days your child is absent.

REMOTE LEARNING - keeping safe online


Please click on the links below:

Poppies and Sunflowers

Year 1 Please see Satchel One daily for work.

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4 Please see Satchel One daily for work.

Year 5 Please see Satchel One daily for work.

Year 6

Satchel One issues

We have been made aware that some students are not able to upload homework via the submit button, this can be caused by a number of issues but the main two are, student logged in as a parent and browser or device cache requires resetting.

You could also try another device if you have one. If you are still having issues please contact us at



Show My Home Work

Satchel One (formerly Show My Homework) is an easy to use online homework calendar for schools. When teachers set homework this will appear on students personal homework calendar with all the relevant details such as deadlines and resources needed. Students and parents can access this at any time via the web or their mobile phone, making homework accessible for everyone.

Click the link below to visit Bassetts Farm Satchel One page:

Student Help for Satchel One:  click here

Parent Help for Satchel One :- click here