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Music Home Learning


Music Spring 2022

The current topic for KS2 children in Music is a look at the development of Western Music, from Baroque, through Classical, Film, Jazz & to 60s Pop.  For each period, there is a piece the children will listen to and appraise, and also one they will learn to play. 

If you have an instrument at home, copies of the pieces to play can be found to the right:
Other Composers to check out - Vivaldi, Purcell

St Matthew Passion
Other Composers to check out - Handel, Beethoven

Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony

Other Composers to check out - Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt

John Williams Live - Music from the Movies
Other Composers to check out - Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane
Jazz Voice 2021 - from the EFG London Jazz Festival
60’s Pop
Other Composers to check out - The Kinks & The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones at the BBC

 Development of Western Music - 2.pdfDownload
 Development of Western Music - 3.pdfDownload
 Development of Western Music - 4.pdfDownload
 Development of Western Music - 5.pdfDownload
 Developments of Western Music - 1.pdfDownload
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