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Music Home Learning

Spring 2


Year 2 - Pentatonic Composition
Year 2 will be starting to look at composition, where will will learn about the Pentatonic scale, and use this to create our own pieces of Music.  To start experimenting with composition why not try Chrome Music Lab at home, and see what you can create.
Year 3 - Medieval Music
Year 3 are looking at a traditional piece of Medieval Music called Orientis Partibus.  We will be learning the melody, and adding a drone to create small performances.  We will also begin to look at composing melodies in a medieval style
Year 5 - Kije's March
This term, Year 6 are looking at Computer Game Music.  We are looking at the melody and chord progression for an 8 bar phrase, and will be using this to develop various performances - solo, duets, small groups & Whole classes.  Below are the notation and chords that we are using in class.