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The Year Group Curriculum Booklets can be found on the Our Curriculum page. This will give you information on what you can expect your child to learn in each year group.

The year group newsletters will give you details on what your child will be learning each week.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for you to meet your child’s class teacher to see how your child is progressing and how you can support them. Information on how to access the School Pupil Tracker can be found on the My Child page.

Please remember that your child’s class teacher will be able to give a much fuller picture. Our staff are always happy to talk to you, so if you have any questions, please ask.

Happy Hours

Happy Hours are held each term and parents are invited into school to join their child for a learning activity. The children love having parents and grandparent join them in their learning environment and everyone has lots of fun!

Assemblies, School Productions and Sports Day

Each class has a special assembly each term where they get a chance to share their learning through the expressive arts and perform on the stage. There are spectacular year group productions too! Parents are also invited into our annual sports day event to watch the children participate in sports activities and demonstrate team work skills.