Bassetts Farm Curriculum

At Bassetts Farm, our curriculum is based around the National Curriculum. Our Learning Journeys ensure that all themes are cohesive, relevant and that children make great progress, whilst enjoying their learning.

Details of the National Curriculum can be found here.

For RE we follow the Devon Agreed Syllabus and adapt it to work alongside the Learning Journeys where possible.

For PSHE, we use the PSHE association scheme. The overviews can be seen on the PSHE page.

Curriculum Expectations:

Maths Expectation

Reading Expectation

Writing Expectations

Science Expectations

Parent  Curriculum Information Booklets

The Parent Information Booklets below will give you details of the expectations for each year

Curriculum Maps Years 1- 6

These are our Bassetts Farm Curriculum maps (adapted from Michael Tidd's Puzzles)

click here to view the map

Year Group Newsletters

Have a look at the half  termly Year Group newsletters for details of what your child will be learning on a week by week basis.