Dancing or moving to music makes everyone feel good. The weekly classes, run by Anneli Davies, are a great way for children to gain confidence in themselves and their bodies. Through energetic and creative dance sessions, they will be encouraged to develop good posture, balance and coordination. As well as being a fantastic form of exercise, it is great fun!


Who is it for?

Years 1-6 – Anneli Davies


When is it?

Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms

Monday– 3:15-4:30 Years 1 and 2

Monday – 4:30-5:30pm Years 3,4,5 and 6


Where is it?



What do I need?

Trainers, PE kit (dance clothes), water bottle. £2 per session


Competitive events

The dance club regularly performs at school events and all of the students are involved in chorography for them. There is also a dance festival held at Exmouth Community College in January.


Links with local clubs