We were last inspected by Ofsted in April 2015. Read our full report on the Ofsted web site.


Results 2016

We are very proud of the results that the children get. The  children attain very well and also make superb progress. The levels of children achieving expected and above average results are higher than the National Average

Key stage 2 pupils who achieved:

  • the expected standard or above in reading, writing and maths combined: 57%
  • combined reading, writing, maths at a higher score: 9%
  • Expected standard in reading: 72%
  • Progress measure for reading: 2.1
  • Average scaled scale for reading:104
  • Higher score in reading: 28%


  • Expected standard in writing: 64%
  • Progress measure for writing: -0.4
  • Higher score in writing: 19%
  • Average scaled score for GPS: 107
  • Higher score in GPS: 36%


  • Expected standard in maths: 81%
  • Progress measure for maths: 1.9
  • Average scaled score for maths: 105
  • Higher score in maths: 23%

Performance Tables

To view the latest results for the school, you can use the following link: