Bassetts Farm Primary School

A love of learning for life

St John’s Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 4GB

01395 275968

Everyone can succeed

We want children to be excited about coming to school and about their learning. We want them to be motivated, tuned in, challenged and supported. Most of all, we want children to know that success is in each and everyone of them and we see it in different ways in different people.

We want our children to be delighted and proud of their many achievements.

A world of experience

We value first hand experiences; both indoor and outdoor environments form our learning areas. We provide experiences that help the children to learn. Lessons are active, with children working with each other and taking responsibility for their learning.
Our vast and beautiful grounds enable the children to use fields and environmental areas to enhance their learning. At playtimes, play equipment and activity areas allow the children to socialise and play together.

Bringing it to Life

Learning is more effective when it connects to the real world and is meaningful. Children love it when learning is fun and exciting. We want to motivate and engage all our pupils in a variety of ways.

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