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At Bassetts Farm Primary School, we believe that the study of English is central to the learning and development for all young children.  Through high quality, English lessons and work in other subject areas children are taught to read, to write and to speak clearly, so they can communicate their ideas and so others can communicate with them. 

We want all children to leave Year 6 reading and writing with confidence fluency and understanding. Our English lessons develop children’s spoken language, reading, writing and grammar skills. The curriculum at Bassetts Farm helps children to become life-long readers for pleasure and learning. English also helps children to engage imaginatively and critically with literature to expand their experiences.  Through reading in particular, children have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  British values, respect for multi-cultural citizens and an appreciation for our literary heritage are embedded within our English curriculum.  As well as exposure to a broad range of texts, the children experience a wealth of enrichment opportunities such as theatre visits, author engagement and dress up days. We have also considered our local context and listened to our children’s voices to create an English curriculum that is meaningful for learners but also broadens their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Our school English curriculum is planned and sequenced so that it is enriching and ambitious for children, enabling effective progress for all children- especially the most disadvantaged, and those with SEND.  We understand the importance of parents and carers in supporting their children and so we encourage a home-school partnership, which supports parents to help their children at home.

At Bassetts Farm Primary school we have an English curriculum that is well planned and sequenced so that new knowledge can be built on what has been taught before.  Our English curriculum provides many purposeful opportunities for reading, writing and speaking and listening:

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