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‘A high-quality history education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. It should inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past’ Department of Education, National Curriculum.

At Bassetts Farm, our intent is to deliver a historical education that will provide the children with the concept tools with which to understand other situations in the world around then. The curriculum will encourage the children to ask insightful questions, to foster critical and analytical thinking using evidence and to develop historical perspective.

We aim for the history curriculum within school to:

  • contribute to a broad, enriching and successful curriculum that is accessible and ambitious for all children. Where all children understand what it means to be an historian – immersed in and inspired by history
  • develop the critical thinking skills and historical knowledge that children need to understand their place in the country and wider world and take advantages of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences later in life.
  • be coherently sequenced to build upon prior skills, knowledge and understanding and make links between different times and places with transferable and progressive skills to ensure children achieve at least good standard and strive to excel.
  • reflect our school local context by looking at local history studies, engaging with history within our local setting and understanding more about the experiences of local people.
  • address social disadvantage by having access to; high quality teaching, a range of historical resources and artefacts, wide range of visits and trips and developing critical thinking skills that are used across the curriculum.
  • cultural capital through developing historical perspective so that children will develop an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

Gallery for History Learning

Year 4 at Escot Saxon Village

Year 6 WW2 Secret Diaries