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Themed Weeks and Days 

Each year, the school shares enrichment themed weeks and days. These provide further enhanced learning experiences that allow for full coverage of the National Curriculum and opportunities to offer enriched experiences within the National Curriculum and sometimes beyond the curriculum.  The themes are chosen based on; local or national events and focuses, subjects areas that we wish to develop or to provide broader life experiences and understanding.


‘I liked going to the scavenger hunt to the meadow’

‘I liked learning about grids and compass points.’

‘I went to Greece and learnt about the equator’


'It made me so happy to get muddy.' 

'Learning about mudskippers was really interesting.'

' I didn’t think mud was important at first but you can make lots with it and it helps nature.'

Parent Quote after 'Made from Mud Week'


‘This week has made me more active in Autumn.’

‘It’s really made me notice the changes of Autumn more.’

‘I loved the leaf rubbings as they were magical.’


‘I enjoyed learning about how archeologists find out about the past.’

‘Thinking of my time capsule made me consider what is important about our life events.