Bassetts Farm Primary School

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St John’s Road, Exmouth, Devon EX8 4GB

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‘A high-quality language education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.’ Department of Education, National Curriculum.

At Bassetts Farm, our intent is to deliver a languages curriculum that lays the foundation for future study of other languages and supports the development of literacy skills in English. As well as focusing on communicating for practical purposes, we strive to nurture children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to engage with other cultures.

  • For MFL to contribute to a broad, enriching and successful curriculum that is accessible and ambitious for all children.
  • To develop the communication skills and cultural knowledge that children need to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences later in life. The ability to communicate in another language is a valuable skill for future employment, as well as opening opportunities to travel or study abroad.
  • For children to show clear progression in spoken and written language by implementing a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced to revisit and build on existing knowledge. Enabling children to achieve at least a good standard and strive to excel.
  • By comparing and contrasting other cultures with their own, children are able to reflect on how their cultural experience is shaped by the local area.
  • Cultural capital - by teaching language contextually within topic areas, children will have access to knowledge beyond their own cultural experience which will broaden their awareness of other countries and communities and set them up to become intercultural citizens.
  • To address social disadvantage by ensuring all children have access to authentic language resources as well as a range of cultural experiences. They will also develop confidence, communication and literacy skills, which will support learning across the curriculum.