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The Governing Body

Every school has a Governing Body to represent the public in the running of schools. School Governors bring perspectives from ordinary life and work with the staff and the Local Authority to help secure the best possible education for the children in the school. They have important responsibilities like managing the school budget, overseeing the curriculum and appointing staff, especially the Head Teacher who is responsible for the day to day management of the school.

Governors are involved, to a greater or lesser extent, with everything to do with a school, its pupils, staff, parents and buildings. It would be very difficult for every governor to be personally involved in all these matters listed above. In view of this, it is common practice for governing bodies to form committees, that is, small groups of governors who deal with particular topics.

At Bassetts Farm Primary School we have separate committees to deal with finance, personnel, curriculum and premises matters. Committees are allowed to co-opt people who are not governors to help them with their work. Our Governors are linked to a class and curriculum area so that they can get to know the school really well.


School Governor Vacancies


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